Thursday, September 13, 2007

Early Life

Akshay Kumar lived in Delhi for some time before moving to Mumbai. He lived in Koliwada which was a Punjabi dominated area. And then moved to Amritsar. He studied at Don Basco school and then Khalsa College, where he took an interest in sports.

He studied martial arts in Bangkok and worked as a Chef. His fall into acting came when producer Pramod Chakravarthy, saw his portfolio and offered the lead role in Deedar.


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Alisha Wright
i went to delhi befor somedays and i went to parathawala gali there i asked about u and an uncle told when you were a small child u used to come to his shop.once i went to bombay also and stood in front of your house for 6 hours but i failed to meet yo After some time I came to know that you were outside of India. my email id sir pls send me your email id cause i really need iy.its my promise i will make it secrate.
hi akki i like u nd ur family so much
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